Products for the investors

Products for the investors2020-01-09T08:32:10+00:00

Products for the investors

Private and public Investor who are looking for actual investment opportunities, benefit from realistic risk-reward valuation.

For the project investor, our services and automated tools will contribute to:

  • Being presented with key information and management data instead of large unfiltered batches of project information.
  • Provision of internationally standardized calculations formats, analysis structures and valuation reports.
  • Reduced internal credit evaluation time/cost since Everest Energy has performed project valuations – tailored to specific funder-types.
  • Effective deployment of capital – since risks & rewards are clearly analysed, presented and valued.
  • Given that the support tools are automated, Everest Energy offers timely project valuation at competitive levels.

Specific products which benefit the investor are:

  1. Market/Opportunity Quick Scans,
  2. Project Technical Assistance,
  3. Feasibility Studies – Both Economic as Engineering,
  4. Economic Business Case Structuring & Development,
  5. Conceptual Project design – Engineering,
  6. Project/Portfolio Financial Due Diligence and Valuation,
  7. Project/Portfolio Financial Risks & Rewards analysis,
  8. Investor engagement and project finance structuring
    (including deal execution – Equity & Debt),
  9. The creation of portfolio business intelligence, allowing monitoring of KPI’s
    (such as the percentage of female employment).