Despite the opportunities for project development and the availability of (international) funding, renewable energy projects often fail to secure project finance and do not realise development targets nor returns on investment.

Both financiers and project developers fully recognize the gap between funding supply and demand, particularly in emerging economies where the investment risks are thought to be higher. Indeed, this gap often results in an inability to finalise project funding and blocks project proposals from coming to fruition. Therefore, it is safe to say that this “failure to launch” is one of the most critical problems standing in the way of emerging economies meeting their development targets.

Consequently, a number of specific challenges in the market can be highlighted:

  • Projects have difficulty in gathering information and have limited project development skills,
  • The ratio between technical assistance cost relative to Capex is too high,
  • Limited content-driven interaction between the financial community and project developers,
  • Funders have difficulty with valuing project risks and returns,
  • For project developers and funders, there are limited technical and economic valuation tools.

In response to these challenges and shortcomings in the market, we have developed project development products and services, which encompass all elements of project development.

Using these products, we can:

  • Create bankable project propositions and facilitate investor engagement,
  • Support portfolio analysis and structuring.

Furthermore, our services offer a seamless combination of expert consultancy, advanced calculation tools and business intelligence, thus creating solid business cases, and:

  • Stable investment returns for investors,
  • Higher profit margins for projects.