General Challenge

Despite the abundantly available feedstock and available (international) funding opportunities, many biomass energy generation projects fail to attain project finance and therefore do not realise the CO2 reduction targets and creation of employment goals.

Specific Challenges

The stakeholder has difficulty in gathering project information and limited development skills;

The ratio Technical Assistance cost as opposed to Capex is high;

Limited access to international financial community and inability to select potential funders;

the absence of/inability to use technical and economic valuation tools.

Everest Energy boosts the realization of global sustainable energy projects by bridging the gap between finance demand and finance supply.

This is accomplished by:

Creating bankable project propositions and facilitating investor-engagement;

Supporting portfolio analyses and structuring.

The uniqueness of the service offering is the seamless combination of high-level consultancy expertise, advanced calculation tools and business intelligence, thus creating solid business cases resulting in:

Stable investment returns for investors and

Higher profit margins for projects.

TADS – Technical Assistance and Development Services

To develop sustainable energy projects in the most efficient manner, Everest Energy created TADS (Technical Assistance and Development Services).  A proven product enhancing the efficiency of the entire project and funding valuation process. With TADS Everest Energy provides;


Senior and experienced consultancy, supporting the analysis and guidance of sustainable energy projects. High-qualified knowledge and hands-on expert execution are employed in supporting the development process and the feasibility studies of projects.


Automated tools to retain and interpret project data thus creating analysis, forecasting and business intelligence value.

The Everest Energy project development process is based on a “7 Building Block” principle. By developing these 7 building blocks simultaneously and equally weighted, Everest Energy offers realistic project development and advisory services.

Everest Energy’s “7 Building Block”: